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Deferral of a diploma to improve grades

If you want to improve the results that constitute part of a degree, you can defer your diploma for up to two semesters. 

Who can defer their diploma? 

The opportunity of postponing the diploma applies to the following programmes: 

  • Bachelor's degree programmes
  • The master's degree programme in Law
  • Master's degree programmes at the Faculty of Educational Sciences
  • Master's degree programmes at the Faculty of Humanities
  • Master's degree programmes at the Faculty of Social Sciences
  • The Teacher Education Programme

How to apply

Your programme will tell you how to defer your diploma. You will also receive a deadline for requesting a deferral.

If you appeal against a grade, you must still request a deferral by the deadline. If you no longer want a deferral, you can withdraw it once you have received your new grade.

The ordinary regulations concerning examinations attempts apply even if you postpone the diploma. You can not postpone the diploma if you have used all the available examinations attempts.

Send your application using the online form by the deadline for your programme:

What information will be provided on the diploma?

If you pass the same examination several times, the best result will be listed on your diploma.

If you have improved a grade after registering the degree as completed, this will be noted on your diploma.

When will you receive your diploma?

Your diploma will be issued automatically at the end of your deferral period.

No new courses for the degree

The content of your degree will be locked during the semester in which you achieve the degree. You therefore cannot defer your diploma in order to take a new course for your degree. You can document new courses using an ordinary transcript.

If you improve your grade after receiving your diploma, you can document the new result with an ordinary transcript.


Contact your information centre.


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