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Special examination arrangements

If you have a disability or a health problem which leads to significant inconvenience in the examination situation, you may apply for special examination arrangements.

What can you apply for?

The faculty decides which special arrangements you may be granted based on information in the application. Special arrangements should not be so extensive that they provide an advantage in relation to other students. This means that you will not necessarily be granted the arrangement you have applied for

For example, you may apply for:

  • Extra time if your disability results in your working more slowly.
  • Extra time for mothers who are breastfeeding.
  • An opportunity to rest or move around during the examination.
  • Aids such as software and dictaphones.
  • Bench for resting, reading lamp, adjustable chair or table.
  • An opportunity to sit in a smaller room.
  • Special tools such as spell check, image enhancement or text readingIf you are having a school exam in Inspera (digital exam).


Your faculty's information centre

Allergy and exams

Pollen allergy usually provides no basis for additional examination time. Read more about pollen and examination (in Norwegian)

Application form

  1. Fill in the application form (pdf). Your doctor/specialist fills in page number two in the form.
  2. If your application concerns dyslexia, dyscalculia or dysgraphia, you must submit documentation from a speech therapist/specialist.

Application deadlines

  • 1 September for the autumn semester
  • 1 February for the spring semester
  • 17 July for The International Summer School

Where do I send the application?

Send the application form and documentation by mail to your faculty's information centre.

Note! The Faculty of Medicine has other routines for sending/delivering the application form.

If you take courses and have examinations at more than one faculty, you must send the application and documentation to each faculty.

Illness after the deadline

Should you become ill or suffer an injury after the deadline, you must contact your faculty's information centre as soon as possible.

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