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On the exam day

Do the following on exam day

For home exams

If you have been granted extra time on you home exam, check if this is registrered in Inspera. 

This is how you check if extra time has been registrered:

Log in to Inspera with FEIDE. When you have logged in, click on "My tests" and you will find you exam there. When the exam starts you will see that you have X amount of extra minutes on your exam. Contact an invigilator right away if the extra time is not visible in your exam. 

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For school exams in Silurveien

1. Arrive in time and find your examination room

You must arrive at your examination room at Silurveien 30 minutes before the exam is scheduled to begin. You can find information about the examination room in Studentweb approximately one week before the examination.

The examination rooms at Silurveien are located in levels 3 and 4 in buildings B, C and D.

  • Room 3B: use entrance B/C
  • Room 3C: use either entrance B/C or C/D
  • Room 3D, 4C and 4D: use entrance C/D
  • Students who have been granted a single room or the smaller examination room are in room 4C and use entrance C/D

Find more information about how you get to Silurveien here.

2. Find your seat in the examination room

When you are allowed in the room, contact the chief invigilator who can show you where you are seated. You have been assigned a specific seat in the examination room. This also applies to the smaller examination room and single rooms in 4C.

3. Get ready

When you have found your assigned seat, follow the steps in regards to the type of special examination arrangements you have been granted for the exam. It is important that you familiarize yourself with these details prior to the exam.