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Familiarize yourself with submissions in Inspera

An exam can consist of one or more assignments and assignment types, and it is important that you have familiarized yourself with this beforehand.

File uploading

The exam will specify which file format to use.

It will either say All file types are allowed or The following file types are allowed: followed by the allowed file types.

Normally you need to hand in your submission as a PDF, and it is important that
you follow the steps for handing it in.

If you are required to upload a zip file, you can convert to zip by using 7-zip, which is available in UiO's Software Database. If you have any questions about this, please contact your local IT support for students.

Do not give the file you are going to deliver a name that can identify you.
We recommend subject code and candidate number. Eg. EXPHIL03 

You can only upload one file for each file upload assignment. The maximum file size is 1GB.


Essay assignments are written directly into the text editor in Inspera. 

Video case

Take the demo test for video playback in Inspera to make sure that you can see the test videos and hear the audio on your computer.

You must also test the Internet connection you will use during the exam. The recommended minimum speed is 3 Mbps. If you choose to take the exam on campus, you are responsible for bringing your own ear plugs and power cable for your computer.

You should install a media player (for example VLC media player) on your computer in case it will be needed.

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