Development, Environment and Cultural Change (master's two years)

What are the key systemic causes of the so-called Anthropocene era, how are different lives lived under this new planetary condition, and what are the main challenges in creating more sustainable futures?

Employment opportunities

  • remme-anette-200x228 Project Leader

    Focus on the subjects you like the most and make sure to get contacts and practical experience through a part time job or voluntary work, says Anette Remme. She is working at The Norwegian Association of Youth with Disabilities's.

  • korsnes-marius-200x200 Postdoctoral researcher

    Be proactive, be bold, do not give up, believe in yourself and don’t panic. That is Marius Korsnes best tip to new students. Marius is now a postdoctoral researcher at NTNU.

Duration:2 years

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Start of Studies

06 Jan.
10:00 AM, Oslo Central Station
06 Jan.
6:30 PM, TBA