Development, Environment and Cultural Change (master's two years)

What are the key systemic causes of the so-called Anthropocene era, how are different lives lived under this new planetary condition, and what are the main challenges in creating more sustainable futures? These are some of the questions you can explore in this programme.

Employment opportunities

  • ramon-guillem-200x215 PhD student in Human Geography

    "The international and transdisciplinary workplace that SUM offers has prepared me to work in groups from different backgrounds, nationalities and interests," says Guillem Rubio Ramon. He is now a PhD student in Human Geography at the University of Edinburgh.

  • townley-seth-200x182 Production Editorial Manager

    “A humanities education helps you see the world from different and useful perspectives,” says Seth Townley. “The critical thinking skills gained during my studies at SUM are vital to my work at Taylor & Francis Group,” which is one of the world's leading publishers of academic research.

Duration:2 years

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Start of Studies

05 Feb.
06 Feb.