Teaching and examinations

Teaching and learning methods

Lectures and seminars are the teaching forms used in most of our courses. The readings are here further explored and related to current and relevant research.

These teaching forms require active participation from the students, and we expect a high level of attendance at both lectures and seminars.

The teaching represent only one aspect of the learning process throughout the courses. Reading the syllabus, preparing for classes and follow-up work are important learning activites that we expect our students to engage themselves in.

We advice all our students to form study groups, to discuss the readings and topics that have been presented at the lectures and seminars with fellow students.

For more information about the specific teaching forms of each course see the individual course pages




Centre for Development and the Environment, Sognsveien 68, University of Oslo

Forms of examination and assessment

The most commonly used exam forms at the DEC programme are Written exam, Home Assignment and Term Paper.

  • Written exam usually lasts 3-5 hours.
  • The home assignment is usually a one-week exam following the series of lectures.
  • A term paper is an assignment that the students work on, parallell with the course teaching.

For more information about the specific exam form of each course see the individual course pages

Language of examination

In the courses comprising the programme, the exam question papers are given in English, and the answer papers are normally supposed to be delivered in English. The course descriptions provide more information about requirements concerning the language of examination.

Grading scale

The programme contains both courses using the pass/fail scale and courses using the grading scale with five steps from A to E for pass and F for fail, cf. § 6.1 i Forskrift om studier og eksamener ved Universitetet i Oslo (Norwegian only). Each course description provides more information about the grading scale in use.

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