Learning outcomes


Students will acquire:

  • Broad  understanding of the complex causes of the Anthropocene.
  • Broad knowledge of the historical and contemporary meanings of key concepts and claimed ‘solutions’ in the area of “sustainable development.”
  • Advanced insight into ongoing academic debates about sustainability, and the history of these debates.
  • Deep insight into one specific topic pertaining to sustainable development, of your own choosing (MA thesis)
  • Deep understanding of ethical challenges involved in researching sustainable development, including corresponding academic dilemmas and responsibilities


Students will have:

  • Developed their ability to recognize and critically navigate the many streams of actors, thoughts, disciplines, and research methods relevant to specific sets of problems within the field of sustainability.
  • Acquired practical skills of note-taking, deep reading, scholarly writing, as well as planning and giving lectures and presentations.
  • Acquired analytical skills of formulating, planning, carrying out and presenting an independent MA research project on a topic pertaining to sustainable development
  • Developed skills to communicate complex sustainability issues to specialist and popular audiences.
  • Strengthened collaborative skills, including ability to work in interdisciplinary groups.


After completion of the programme, students can:

  • Think and act critically and creatively in the field of sustainable development.
  • See behind and beyond contemporary initiatives framed as related to sustainability, and identify their contradictions, limits and potentials.
  • Appreciate, value and foster cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary learning and collaboration.
  • Contribute to new thinking, narratives, and other innovative initiatives to promote sustainable development.
  • Show concern for the individual, collective and differential responsibilities in seeking pathways to sustainability.
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