Start of Studies

Welcome as a new student on Development, Environment and Cultural Change! The teaching team and Buddies are very exited to meet you 10 August.

We are planning several social events for you. You will get detailes on when and where on our Introduction Day. Questions about student life in Oslo? Why not ask a DECC-student?

Upcoming events

Time: Jan. 5, 2021 10:00 AM12:00 PM

At the digital Orientation Day we will provide you with important information about studying at UiO, student life at UiO and in Oslo, and how to register with the Police. 

Time and place: Feb. 5, 2021Feb. 6, 2021, KSI-hytta

We will book a student cabin in Marka (the forest surrounding Oslo) in February to get to know the newly arrived international students "in real life". (date is tentative)