Programme structure

The Master's programme Computational Science is a two-year full time study consisting of 120 ECTS credits.

The programme has the following structure:

  • Courses, mandatory and elective, 60 ECTS credits
  • Master's thesis, 60 ECTS credits
    The programme option Mechanics also offers a 30 ECTS credits Master's thesis together with 90 ECTS credits of courses.

The programme has 10 programme options:

Course of study


4. semester Master's thesis Master's thesis Master's thesis
3. semester Master's thesis Master's thesis Master's thesis
2. semester IN4200 – High-Performance Computing and Numerical Projects / Mandatory course Elective course Elective course
1. semester FYS-STK4155 – Applied data analysis and machine learning / Mandatory course + HSE courses MAT4110 – Introduction to numerical analysis / Elective course Elective course
  10 ECTS credits 10 ECTS credits 10 ECTS credits


The programme has two mandatory courses. These can be chosen among the following:

If you have already completed these courses, or courses with similar content, you may replace them with elective courses. If so, please consult your contact person regarding recommendation of elective courses.

There are also mandatory courses in Health, safety and environment  (HSE) at the beginning of the first semester:

HSE courses do not give credits. If you have previously passed equivalent courses at the University of Oslo, you will not need to re-apply these.

The remaining courses are elective, which courses you choose depends on thesis topic and specialization. The different programme options have recommendations of  elective courses, please see each programme option for further detalis.

Master's thesis

After admission to one of the programme options, we recommend that you get in touch with the various researchers and teachers which are involved with your programme option. They will guide you with respect to possible Master's thesis projects and through common seminars and meetings during the first year of studies, you will meet scientists from the various programme options as well. The latter can give you a guidance about possible multi-disciplinary thesis projects.

Recognition of Master's courses from former education

If you are admitted to the Master's programme and you have completed Master's courses outside the University of Oslo, you may apply to have these courses recognised as part of your degree. Please contact the Department of Physics for more information.

Diploma and degree

This programme leads to the following degree: Master of Science in Computational Science

The diploma is issued when you have completed the courses that meet the requirements for a degree. Read more about diplomas.

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