Quality assurance

The University of Oslo aims at offering an innovative and relevant education with the best teaching and tuition possible. It is therefore important that you as a student give us feedback and contribute to evaluations of your programme and courses.

The programme of study is regularly evaluated to ensure and develop the quality of the programme:

  • Each year, the programme management conducts a review to assess whether the objectives of the programme have been met. External programme supervisors monitor examinations and assessment.
  • At least every sixth year, the faculty conducts a more thorough evaluation of the programme. External representatives take part in the evaluation panel.
  • Courses in the programme are evaluated regularly, according to a schedule decided by the faculty.

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Procedures of Quality Assurance

  • Evaluation of current courses: The Programme Coordinator has a meeting in the middle of every semester with representatives of all classes.
  • Periodic evaluation of courses: Every other year. All students are invited to fill in a questionnaire at the end of the semester.
  • Periodic evaluation of the Programme: No later than every sixth year.
  • Programme auditor: The department has a programme auditor for each of the 3 disciplines in the department: medicine, management and economics.
  • Annual report to the Faculty of medicine

Periodic evaluation 2021

Periodic evaluation 2015

Periodic evaluation 2009

Annual report to the Faculty of medicine


The quality assurance system at The Faculty of Medicine



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