Why choose this programme?

This multidisciplinary programme gives you the opportunity to specialize in three highly relevant fields for the national and international health care sector: Health economics, Health management and Economic evaluation.


HEPAM offers specializations which will give you first hand knowledge in the following fields:

In addition to the specialization courses the HEPAM offers a broad range of elective courses and seminars.


The research at the Department is highly relevant and is much used in national and international decision-making processes.

Research in health economics focuses on:

  • Economic analyses of health policies
  • Effects of economic incentives
  • Determinants of hospital efficiency
  • Factors behind the demand for health services
  • Labour markets for health personnel

The health management research field focuses on:

  • The organization, management and politics of health care
  • Clinical leadership and management
  • Quality of health care
  • Historical and ethical topics
  • Changes in leadership and organizational culture

Research in economic evaluation involves:

  • Methods to assess the cost-effectiveness of treatments, procedures, diagnostics, screening practices, healthcare delivery routes and technologies.
  • Use of QALYs in the assessment of effectiveness
  • Application of the methods to a range of diseases such as cancer (e.g. breast, colorectal, lung), cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, orphan diseases and rheumatic disease

A semester abroad

A semester in a leading university abroad will broaden your knowledge on the healthcare sector of a European country. The following agreements allow you to access teaching activities and earn credits from graduate programmes at our partner universities.

Career opportunities

Knowledge of health economics, policy and management is in demand all over the world, on local and national levels. Internship and exchange throughout the study programme will further give you opportunities to develop networks in Norway and abroad.

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