Career interviews

The programme will start in autumn 2013. Reading career interviews from the international master programme in Health Economics, Policy and Management you can get an idea of employment opportunities.

Back in his own country Yinhe Li has found a position as a young researcher in Health Policy

"I don't just do things, but analyze how they can be done more effectively" is how Nadine Nölte describes her tasks in a private Rehabilitation Company.

Search term "Health Economics" on international job agencies on the web pointed Kun Kim to an interesting and relevant job in Stockholm.

The purpose of the Junior Professional Associates program of the World Bank is to provide advanced students and recent graduates with the opportunity to gain entry-level professional experience, on a two-year, non-renewable contract with benefits.

Since most of my work revolves around assessing the cost effectiveness of different pharmaceuticals, all the courses on economic evaluation, economic modelling, statistics and decision making have been extremely important, David Ngaruiya Mwaura says.