Learning outcomes


You can analyse an information system using relevant theory and you

  • have a solid understanding of sentral theories and concepts
  • understand possibilities and limitations within the use of IT solutions
  • have an understanding of the IT systems life cycle: From design to programming, implementation, use and further development needs
  • know about social and ethical IT challenges

You have knowledge of scientific policies and have

  • solid understanding of scientific ways of thinking and research methods
  • can choose relevant approximations in your own research

Proficiency (skills)

You can analyse an information system using relevant theories and can

  • evaluate IT-solutions in a social context and related to other systems and infrastructure
  • analyse the needs of the users and consider them in light of technical possibilities and limitations
  • consider social and ethical consequences of IT

You can research professional issues and can

  • make qualified decisions and use relevant qualitative research methods
  • identify and expand on relevant professional issues
  • write a larger scientific report
  • disseminate and discuss own research results both orally and in writing
  • recognize good argumentation and research

General competencies

You can participate in a knowledge-based, critical and professional way in projects:

  • You examine and use the needs of users and society as the basis for professional assessments and choices.
  • You can establish an independent and critical look on your own and others' work.
  • You can create and recognize well-founded academic argumentation.
  • You have a reflective relationship with your own knowledge and skills.
  • You are professionally curious and keeps pace with the professional development.

You can apply your knowledge and skills in new areas to gain new insights:

  • You can see professional relationships and put things in a larger perspective.
  • You can transfer ideas to new areas and think innovative and new.
  • You can find good academic issues and explore them, both alone and in collaboration with others.
  • You know the importance of your own discipline in society and in business, and consider ethical implications.

Learning outcomes for students attending this study Autumn 2017 or earlier

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