Programme structure

In the programme option Cybernetics and autonomous systems, some courses are mandatory and others are recommended courses that you choose in consultion with your supervisor. You can take Master's courses at the Department of Informatics, the Department of Technology Systems, the Department of Physics or at the Department of Mathematics. You can construct your own course of study, or specialize towards research, industry or energy- and environmental monitoring.

You can choose between writing a long Master's thesis (60 ECTS) or a short Master's thesis (30 ECTS). In both cases, you and your supervisor will find relevant courses to support the thesis so that the total Master's study comes to 120 ECTS. This study option has three mandatory courses: two are already decided, the third you can choose from the list of recommended courses below.

Mandatory courses

Recommended courses

If you want to specialise within research, usage of robots, navigation and autonomous systems:

Courses from other departments:

If you want to immerse yourself in energy and environmental monitoring:

Courses from other departments:


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