Career opportunities

Former students at work

  • oygarden-maria-husum-200x228 Translator

    Study whatever appeals to you. Along the way you will see what kind of work you can do. That is the advice from Maria Husum Øygarden, humanities graduate and translator.

Most relevant industries

Master’s graduates from European Languages work in these industries:

The graph: Education and school system 36 %; Public administration 15 %; Language and communication 6 %; Media, publishing and communication 6 %; Sales, hotel and restaurant 6 %; Transportation and logistics 6 %; Personal and consulting services 6 %; Other industries 18 %. Source: UiO Candidate Survey 2018.

Start developing your career

In the third semester you can choose to have an internship abroad in a relevant organisation or company as part of your degree. You can also write your master's thesis in cooperation with an external partner. Through this you can get valuable contacts and network that can be useful when you apply for a job after graduation. You can also prepare for working life along the way by participating in career fairs, job search and interview workshops, and career counseling offered to students.

Further studies

The University of Oslo offers Practical Pedagogical Education for Norwegian speaking students:

Read more about reserarch training at the Faculty of Humanities