Why choose this programme option?

Specialise in different aspects of modern English or older stages of the language. The programme offers courses on various aspects of grammar and text, language acquisition, differences between Norwegian and English, and varieties of the English language – regional and social, historical and modern.


If you would like to delve more deeply into any of these topics, conduct your own research, and contribute to our knowledge of one of the most widely spoken languages of the world, then this is a programme for you.

Deepen your knowledge

This programme option gives you the opportunity to extend and deepen the knowledge you have gained during your bachelor’s studies. Research methods are given more emphasis than on the undergraduate level, and you will learn how to carry out research through methods courses and individual supervision.

Develop your language skills

Through the work on your thesis and the courses you will be taking during the first year of the Master's programme, you will also develop your practical language skills further. In the first year of your master’s studies, you choose among a range of courses providing additional academic breadth and the necessary depth for writing your thesis in the second year. One of them is a course intended to help you write a thesis proposal.

Published Aug. 15, 2014 12:27 PM - Last modified May 14, 2019 9:24 AM