Programme structure

This master's degree is a two year programme consisting of a total of 120 ECTS credits corresponding to 2 years full-time study consisting of:

  • 30 credits of compulsory courses
  • 30 credits of elective courses
  • Either 60 credits Master's thesis OR 30 credits project semester (professional or research internship) and 30 credits Master's thesis, OR 30 credits Master’s thesis and 30 credits elective courses 

Recommended structure:

4. semester MULTI4190 – Master's Thesis in Multilingualism (60ECTS) or MULTI4195 – Master's Thesis in Multilingualism (30ECTS)
3. semester

MULTI4190 – Master's Thesis in Multilingualism (60ECTS) or ILN4900 – Project Semester for Linguistics and Scandinavian StudiesILN4950 – Research project semester for Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies or equivalent of 30 credits coursework either at UiO or semester abroad.

2. semester

MULTI4120 – Cognitive Aspects of Multilingualism or MULTI4130 – Social Aspects of Multilingualism

(Apply for an exemption from the obligatory course if studying abroad in the 2nd semester)

Elective course (or semester abroad) Elective course (or semester abroad)
1. semester MULTI4100 – Theoretical Foundations of Multilingualism LING4140 – Linguistic Method
Elective course
  10 ECTS credits 10 ECTS credits 10 ECTS credits

The two first semesters

The first year consists of 60 ECTS coursework with 3 courses each semester. In the first semester there are two compulsory courses on theory and method that are common to all students in the programme (MULTI4100 and LING4140). Students who plan to conduct experimental research for their thesis and do not have prior training in statistics have a third required course in the first semester (MULTI4110 Introduction to Statistical Analysis for Language Students). 

In the second semester students choose 1-2 courses specialising in cognitive or social approaches to multilingualism (MULTI4120 and MULTI4130) and 1-2 additional elective courses. Students may choose to study abroad in the 2nd or 3rd semesters. 

The last two semesters

There are two possible options:

It is mandatory to complete the thesis under supervision.

Compulsory courses


Elective courses

Courses listed below are approved as elective credits. Recommend elective courses will vary depending on the student's chosen area of specialisation. Students are encouraged to consult with the teaching coordinator about recommended electives for their area. 

Recommended courses:

Students may also apply to take other elective courses that are not on this list, if relevant for the master's thesis and approved by the Multilinguilism teaching coordinator. You must apply separately for this, using this online application form. Any questions can be addressed to the study advisor for multilingualism.

Diploma and degree

The diploma is issued when you have completed the courses that meet the requirements for a degree. Read more about diplomas.

Course and semester pages

Click on each course (see table above) to find out:

  • Schedule
  • Time and place for the exam
  • Syllabus and learning requirements

Quality assurance

Study programs and courses are regularly evaluated to ensure and develop the quality of educational activities.

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