Screen Cultures (master's two years)

“Contemporary culture is screen culture, and it has become nearly impossible to separate our relationship with the screen from our sense of what it is to be alive”

Stephen Monteiro, The Screen Media Reader (2017:1)


Screens are sought out (cinema, television), chanced upon (digital signage advertising), carried (smartphone, laptop) and worn (HoloLens, smartwatches and other wearable tech). We look at screens, but we also touch them – tapping, tilting and swiping to acquire a diverse range of information. So much of our daily experience is screened, yet we rarely stop to think about the impact and implications of this.


Through the Master´s programme Screen Cultures you will study how screens – and our interaction with them – affect our experience and understanding of the world.

Duration:2 years

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The research on Screen Cultures

Screen Cultures is a Master's program, but also a Research group.