Master Thesis in Modern International and Transnational History

Here you will find all the relevant information about the master thesis in Modern International and Transnational History, including an overview of our supervisors, their field of research and suggested topics.

Applying for a Supervisor

The master’s thesis is an individual research paper from the thematic field of international and transnational history. The purpose of the thesis is to pursue an independent research project. Students apply for a supervisor from the Department in their second semester and discuss possible topics as part of this application process. It should depart from a clear research question, pursue a coherent argument and rest on profound empirical and multi-archival research as well as the use of advanced historiographical methodology.

All students will apply for an academic supervisor in beginning of the second semester. The application deadline is February 1 and you can follow the link to apply for a supervisor.

All MITRA-students are entitled to a supervisor.

The use of an assistant supervisor is to be discussed and approved by the principal supervisor, who will send the request to the student advisor for approval by the Head of the Department.

The department of Archaeology, Conservation and History (IAKH) is divided into five academic research- and teaching groups. Two of these groups, Early Modern History and Contemporary History, offer supervision for the MITRA students. Your principal supervisor will be from the academic staff at IAKH.


Field of Research Suggested topics for MITRA4095 Name

MITRA Supervisors

Contemporary European History

  • Facism as a National and Transnational Phenomenon
  • Radical Right Wing Movements, Parties and Think Thanks in Europe  from 1920 to Present Day.
  • Democratic Processes and Constitutionalism
  • European History of Political Ideas and Political Parties
  • Italian History and Politics

- C-REX, Center for research on Extremism

- Fascism, right-wing radicalism and extremism. Threats to the liberal democratic system in Europe before and after 1945

Elisabetta Cassina Wolff

Economic History in Europe

  • Economic Politics
  • Buisness History
  • Banking and Monetary History
The History of Statoil, 1972 - 2022 Einar Lie

Contemporary International History

  • The Middle East
  • Politics of World powers
  • Foreign Policy
  • The Politics of Peace in Norway



- Dangerous Liaisons. The Triangular Drama Between the United States, Israel and Iran, 1953-1984


Hilde Henriksen Waage

Contemporary International History

  • Humanitarianism and Development Aid
  • Internationalism and International Organizations
  • (Social) Human Rights
  • Global Social Policy
  • International and Transnational and Global History

- The History of Humanitarianism

- The History of Internationalism and International Organizations

Daniel Maul

International History after 1918

  • Human Rights
  • Foreign Aid
  • Norwegian and American Foreign Policy after 1945
  • International Law and International Organizations

- History of human rights, and in particular Nordic human rights histories

- Internationalism and international organizations



Hanne Hagtvedt Vik


Contemporary Nowegian and International History

  • Cold War
  • Norwegian and American Foreign Policy
  • Nuclear Weapons
  • War and Conflicts
  • Social Democracy in Europe 
  • Second World War



Olav Njølstad

Contemporary History

  • The Middle East
  • Nationalism
  • Social and Cultural History
  • Material History

- Nationalisms, Colonialism, and Revolutions

- Social Movements and the Question of Citizenship

- Culture in the Age of Globalization

Toufoul Abou-Hodeib

Contemporary European History

  • International Legal History
  • Social, Economic, and Labour History
  • History of World War II
  • Holocaust & Genocide studies

- Observing Europe's Reunification, Media Histories & the End of the World of Print, History of and in International Law


Kim Christian Priemel

Contemporary History

  • International and Transnational History
  • Economy and Buisness History
  • Fashion History
  • Colonialism and Imperialism

- Consumption Societies in Modern History (19th and 20th centuries):

-Nordic Branding.

-The history of labor, value creation, and retail in the garment and fashion industries

-The history of global firms, with a focus on the creative industries

-The history of capitalism in the Belgian Congo colony

Veronique Pouillard

European History in the 20th Century

  • Popular Culture in the West 1880 - 2000
  • British History
  • Culture and Social History
  • Social Science History

- Popular Culture and Social Relations in the 20th Century

- The Production of Culture in the 20th Century

- Visions of the city: the rise and fall of social housing/gentrification/the making of the ‘creative city’

- Youth: its classification, governance and experience

- Creative Labour: work in twentieth-century cultural industries

Klaus Nathaus

Modern European History

  • History of the Habsburg Monarchy
  • Arctic and Norwegian History 1800-1914
  • Scientific Expeditions
  • Museums and Museology
  • Travel and Tourism

- Crossing Borders: Travel and Tourism

- History of Museums

- Polar Expeditions

Ulrike Spring

Modern European History

  • Cold War Studies
  • Consumer Cultures and the History of Food
  • European Facism
  • The Sixties in Europe
  • World War II and the Holocaust
  • Colonialism and Genocide

- How the Pizza came to Norway: The Global Travelling of an Ethnic Suisine

- Borrowing from Hitler and Mussolini? Fascism in Norway

- Voices from the Sand: An Oral History of the North African Campaign 1940

Patrick Bernhard

Modern Global History

  •  Political cultures in Latin America and the Caribbean
  •  Transatlantic migrations
  •  Comparative social history (esp. marriage)

- Scandinavians in Latin America

- Long-term effects of colonialism

- Indigenous groups and the state

Steinar Andreas Sæther
PRIO - Peace Research Institute Oslo - Research at PRIO Stein Tønnesson and Øystein Rolandsen m. fl.

Ethical Guidlines and Supervision Agreement


Formal Requirements

  •  The thesis shall have a preface.
  •  The thesis must be between 40 and 70 pages, including footnotes/references (2300 characters without spacing per page).
  • The following items are not included in the word count:
    • abstract
    • foreword
    • list of content
    • bibliography
    • attachments
  • The thesis shall have a minimum font size 12, good margins and 1.5 line spacing.

Front page

  • Semester (spring / autumn), year
  • Title (and subtitle)
  • Name
  • Master's thesis Modern International and Transnational History, Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History, University of Oslo


Use of Sources, Citations and Referencing

Handing in your Thesis


NB! Remember the compulsory assignment, see MITRA4095 – Master's thesis in Modern International and Transnational History


To-do-list 4 working days before the deadline:

  • convert your thesis to a PDF-file before handing it in. How to make a PDF from a document.
  • More information about DUO, templates, copyright etc
  • submit your thesis for printing. Print your thesis at the University Print Centre. To upload your pdf you have to be logged on to the UiO web. (or through the 'Programkiosk')
  • printing time is 3 working days (see more information below).
  • NB!The standard format is two-sided print, bound (not spiral). 
  • IAKH pays for 7 copies if you use the University Print Centre. You may keep 4 copies for yourself. IAKH will pay the costs for 3 pages of coloured print (for each copy of your thesis)
  • if the number of pages of coloured print exceeds this limit, the expenses are covered by the student.
  • When you upload the file you should give the following information:
    • location code
    • budget code
    • the location code and budget code will be announced by e-mail when the deadline approaches.

To-do-list when submitting your thesis:


  • you need to fill out the submission form  (english) and hand it in together with the thesis and receipt from StudentWeb/DUO. We strongly recommend you to fill in the submission form before you hand in the thesis at IAKH's Reception in Niels Treschows building. 


  • submit your thesis Inspera, UiO's digital exam platform.
  • submit your thesis in DUO, UiO's digital repository. You do this in StudentWeb. You must log in with username and password, not your pin code.
  • See the University Library's manual on how to do this. Follow the link in the manual to log on to StudentWeb. 
  • You will receive a receipt when you have handed it in your thesis. Print this out and hand it in together with the thesis. 


The department does NOT consider your thesis as submitted within the deadline if the three tasks above are not performed.


Deadlines for MITRA4095

You will find the formal prerequisite knowledge, compulsory assignment and exam dates by following the link to MITRA4095 – Master's thesis in Modern International and Transnational History.

Field Term - Internship & History Project - Funding and Practical Information

Support for expenses related to the completion of the master's thesis (travel support)


Erasmus+ (for EU/EEC-students)

Erasmus+ (in Norwegian)

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