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Education plans at UiO

The education plan is a tool where you as a student:

  • Lay a plan for your degree, within the defined rules for choosing and combining courses at the programme of study.
  • See your previously completed courses at the programme of study.
  • See courses from other institutions you have had recognized in the programme. How to apply for recognition of education
  • See rights and obligations with which you must familiarize yourself as a student at UiO.

Where do I find my education plan?

  • You find the individual education plan in the Studentweb.
  • Please familiarize yourself with your programme of study before you log in to Studentweb.

Changed your mind?

You complete your education plan one semester at a time. Compulsory courses are usually predefined and can not be deleted from your plan. Some programmes of study allow you to move courses to a later semester Studentweb. Within the rules for the programme of study, you choose elective courses, and may on certain conditions also change your mind.

After 1 September in the Autumn semester and 1 February in the Spring semester, you can no longer add, move or delete courses for the corresponding semester in the Studentweb. You can not change the plan for past semesters.

Sometimes the administration may change your plan, for instance if a course is cancelled or changes its teaching and examination semester.

Need extended period of study?

The education plan normally expires at the end of the programme's nominal length of study. If your plan has expired, and you have not yet completed your degree, you may apply for an extended period of study. Contact your programme of study.


The education plan is also an overview of the institution's responsibilities towards the students and the students' responsibilities towards the institution. Students admitted to programmes of study of at least 60 ECTS credits usually have education plans. The education plan is meant to help you complete the programme of study you have been admitted to.

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