Start of studies – Spring 2019

The Spring semester 2019 starts Monday 7 January.

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Events at semester start for all international students

04 Jan.
10:00 AM, Oslo Central Station
04 Jan.
6:30 PM, Escape: Ole-Johan Dahls hus, Gaustadalléen 23 B
07 Jan.
2:45 PM, Georg Sverdrups hus, Auditorium 1
08 Jan.
9:30 AM, Sophus Lies auditorium
08 Jan.
12:00 PM, Rudolf Nilsens Plass, Oslo
09 Jan.
10:00 AM, Basement in Georg Sverdrups Hus

Start of studies programme

Your faculty welcomes you with information meetings, activities and other academic and social events.

Buddy system for exchange students

New international students at exchange programs are invited to take part in a buddy group during the start of the semester.

Police registration

  • Non-EU citizens
    Attend the police registration day in January at Blindern campus
  • EU-citizens
    Wait to register until arrival in Oslo, and hand in your documents to Knutepunktet throughout January

Personalized student card

All new students will be issued a personalized student card. You can obtain this card at the SiO Customer Service Centre after you have completed the semester registration in StudentWeb. 

IT services

Some students will receive their username for the IT services by SMS before the semester starts. Students who do not receive the SMS can collect their username at Houston IT services or the local student IT office at your faculty after arrival in Oslo.