These pages include important information about examinations at the International Summer School. Please read this information thoroughly and carefully.

Forms of assessment

Assessment at the International Summer School may be in the form of written examinations, oral examinations, assignments, or a combination of these assessment types. The course description and syllabus describe the type(s) of assessment used for each course.

No changes to the form(s) or weight of assessment must be announced to the students without being ratified by the ISS administration.

Informing students

The course leader must describe the examination and weighting of assignments in the course schedule and inform students of this during the first week of classes. The form of assessment must be in accordance with the information provided to the students in the course description and syllabus.

Information about exam dates, times and locations

For the dates of exams, see the semester page in the course description. Final information concerning exams (date, time, place) will be provided to course leaders and lecturers by the end of Week 4. Students will be notified of the examination time and place through information given in class, on the ISS website, and on the information board at Blindern Dormitory.

The location of the final examination is different from the regular classroom. Course leaders should walk with the students from the ordinary classroom to the location of the examination one or two days in advance.

Examination emergencies

If problems arise before or during the examination, course leaders must contact the ISS Office (tel. 22 85 63 85). Our administrative staff will be able to assist you with almost any problem that may arise.


Published Oct. 7, 2016 10:40 PM