RITMO Largo Poster session

Get to know all the exciting research being carried out by RITMO's PhDs and Postdocs.

Henter forslag fra Google
Laura Bishop (Postdoc.) Coordination and Creative Collaboration during Music Ensemble Performance

Çağrı Erdem, Qichao Lan, Julian Fuhrer (PhDs)


Rethinking Action-Sound Couplings: DeepGuitar
Julian Fuhrer (PhD) Predicting Perception?

Víctor González Sánchez (Postdoc.)

Agata Żelechowska (PhD)

Alexander Refsum Jensenius (Assoc. Prof)

Fractal analysis of the movementinducing effects of music during standstill
Henrik Herrebrøden (PhD) Experts’ rhythmical motor performance: How do they do it?
Ulf A. S. Holbrook (PhD) Intentional objects and soundfields 
Alan Hui (Postdoc.) Unrecognisability: a new EU standard for legal music sampling
Olivier Lartillot (Postdoc.) MIRAGE: A Comprehensive AI-Based System for Advanced Music Analysis
Sabine Leske (Postdoc.), Alejandro Blenkmann (Postdoc.), Anaïs Llorens, Ingrid Funderud, James Lubell, Maja Foldal (PhD), Tor Endestad (Assoc. Prof.), Anne-Kristin Solbakk (Assoc. Prof.) Intracranial recordings for the study of cognitive processes
Mari Romarheim Haugen (PhD) Investigating Meter as Shape.  A Case Study of Norwegian Telespringar

Sandra Solli (PhD), Jens Hjortkjær, Søren Fuglsang, Torsten Dau

Auditory frequency tagging for attention controlled brain-computer interface
Connor Spiech (PhD), Artyom Zinchenko, Hermann J. Müller, Thomas Geyer Electrophysiological Measures of Working Memory During Interrupted Visual Search 

Dana Swarbrick (PhD), Alex Kiss, Luc Tremblay, Catherine Sabiston, Sandra Trehub, David Alter, Joyce L. Chen

HIIT The Road Jack: The Effects of Exercise on Piano Learning
Benedikte Wallace (PhD) Deep learning with multimodal time-series 


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