MusicLab vol. 3: Rhythm

MusicLab Vol. 3 explores the phenomenon of rhythm - in music and in the body - all within MusicLab’s unique blend of research and edutainment through an intellectual warm-up with world-leading experts, music-dance performances and data jockeying with our house DJ and anyone else interested.

This edition of MusicLab celebrates the official opening of RITMO Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Rhythm, Time, and Motion.

Recording from MusicLab vol. 3

About MusicLab

The MusicLab concept is about experiencing music together, while at the same time carrying out research and explaining a research topic.

In MusicLab vol. 1 : Biophysical music, volunteers from the audience wore wristbands that detected their muscular response to performance artist Marco Donnarumma’s muscle music performance.

In MusicLab vol. 2 : Breath, the musicians and selected audience members wore breath sensors that measured their flow during the musical performance. They showed, among other things, some differences in performance modes in improvised versus notated music.

In vol. 3 we will explore the phenomenon of rhythm, which is the main theme of RITMO. Muscle activity and motion will be in focus, as we explore the differences in audience response when experiencing an interactive music-dance performance with dancer-illustrator Katja Schia and research-musicians Cagri Erdem and Qichao Lan. The evening will be rounded off with DJ Pysh’s groovy club music and Data Jockeying by Tejaswinee Kelkar.​ Hosts: Solveig Isis Sørbø (Science Library) and Sophie Charlotte Barth (Humanities and Social Sciences Library)

About Katja's research-based work as a dancer-illustrator, in her own words: 

By giving tension and texture, the dancer develops a physical landscape with an immediate and intuitive response in relation to the soundscape. The frame of this work creates a loop that makes it possible to «recycle» artistic material (physical sensations, states of mind and states of body). This structure of «recycling» allows the dancer to experience an intimate connection with sound - through movement. At the same time, the sound relates closely to what moves through the dance. Listening is the main source for decision making while moving, intuitively, allowing physical play and exploration.

Come join the party and serve science at the same time!


Time Content
18.30 Doors and bar open. Tapas!
19:00 Welcome

Music-Dance Performance


Intellectual warm-up: "Rhythm"

20:30 Disk jockeying (DJ Pysh) + Data jockeying (Tejaswinee Kelkar)
21:00 PARTY
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