Norwegian Championship of Standstill 2012

Results from the first Norwegian Championship of Standstill, held at the University of Oslo.

Kristian Nymoen instructs a group of championship participants.

Kristian Nymoen instructs a group of championship participants.

The Norwegian Championship of Standstill is a competition in which the participants stand still for 6 minutes, with and without music. The competition is part of research at the University of Oslo aimed at understanding more about how music influences human body motion.

Top 10 results

# Navn Quantity of Motion (mm/s)
1 Ole Kristian Wetten 4.23
2 XX 4.28
3 XX 4.31
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Ole Kristian Wetten, the Norwegian champion of standstill 2012.

All results

The graph below shows the average quantity of motion values for all participants.

Quantity of motion (mm/s) for each participant.

In the news

The Championship received quite a lot of interest in the press. Some clips can be found below.


NRK Østlandssendingen, 8. March 2012.


Radio Nova Frokost, 9. March 2012



Universitas 14. March 2020: Klarer ikke å stå stille


Thanks to everyone that organised the championship: Kristian Nymoen, Ståle A. Skogstad, Arve Voldsund, Mons Thyness, Rolf Inge Godøy, Alexander Refsum Jensenius.

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