A standalone application for creating visualizations and extract motion features from video files.

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  • Create various types of visualizations from a video file: motiongrams, motion images, motion history images, etc.
  • Open individual video files or batch-process folders of files
  • Realtime preview of visualizations
  • Extract some basic motion features: quantity of motion, centroid of motion, area of motion

Please see the tutorial for more information.


This software project was started by Alexander Refsum Jensenius in 2003, first in the form of the Musical Gestures Toolbox for Max. The toolbox later became integrated as the first collection of video modules in the Jamoma project.

It turned out that many people found the tools for video visualization useful, but they did not want to invest time in learning how to develop in Max. This led to the development of the standalone VideoAnalysis application, based on modules from the MGT. Over the years, it has been used by a number of researchers and practictioners in fields such as music, dance, medicine, and physiotherapy.

VideoAnalysis is still aimed to be a complete, standalone and user-friendly solution for video analysis and visualization. If you want more flexibility, you should check out Jamoma (for Max) if you are interested in realtime analysis. For more powerful analysis tools, take a look at the Musical Gestures Toolbox for Matlab or Musical Gestures Toolbox for Python.


Developers: Alexander Refsum Jensenius, Bálint Laczkó, Aleksander Tidemann, Anders Tveit, Kristian Nymoen.

The software is currently maintained by the fourMs lab at RITMO Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Rhythm, Time and Motion at the University of Oslo.


If you use this toolbox for research purposes, please reference this publication:


This software is open source, and is shared with The GNU General Public License v3.0.

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