The Jamoma GDIF tools are developed for recording and playing back GDIF files based on the SDIF format.

The tools work in Max 5, and requires FTM (latest version), Jamoma and OpenSoundControl to run.   

Screenshot of Jamoma GDIF tools


Record module

  • Recording data with different frame rates to a single file
  • Easy indexing of file names for each recording
  • Support for name value tables with metadata

Playback module

  • Playing back multiple data streams from a single module
  • Streaming time-tagged OpenSoundControl data




Some example setups of recording and playback of GDIF data can be downloaded here. This includes sdif files and video files. Total size: 76.9 MB.


  • Built with Max 5 by Cycling '74.
  • Based on the sdif tools in FTM by Diemo Schwartz, Norbert Schnell, et al.
  • Based on OpenSoundControl tools by Matt Wright and Andy Schmeder
  • Based on Jamoma by Tim Place, Trond Lossius, et al.



Please use the following reference when citing this software:

Nymoen, K. and Jensenius, A.R. (2011). A Toolbox for Storing and Streaming Music-related Data. In Proceedings of SMC 2011 8th Sound and Music Computing Conference “Creativity rethinks science”, Padova, Italia: Padova University Press. ISBN 9788897385035. pp. 427-430 [PDF]


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