The Jamoma GDIF tools are developed for recording and playing back GDIF files based on the SDIF format.

Image may contain: Electronic instrument, Text, Pianet, Piano, Music.

Screenshot of Jamoma GDIF tools

The tools work in Max 5, and requires FTM (latest version), Jamoma and OpenSoundControl to run.   


Record module

  • Recording data with different frame rates to a single file
  • Easy indexing of file names for each recording
  • Support for name value tables with metadata

Playback module

  • Playing back multiple data streams from a single module
  • Streaming time-tagged OpenSoundControl data




Some example setups of recording and playback of GDIF data can be downloaded here. This includes sdif files and video files. Total size: 76.9 MB.


  • Built with Max 5 by Cycling '74.
  • Based on the sdif tools in FTM by Diemo Schwartz, Norbert Schnell, et al.
  • Based on OpenSoundControl tools by Matt Wright and Andy Schmeder
  • Based on Jamoma by Tim Place, Trond Lossius, et al.


Please use the following reference when citing this software:

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Published July 1, 2010 4:52 PM - Last modified Nov. 29, 2020 9:25 PM