MoCap Synthesiser

The MoCap Synthesiser is a set of generic tools for making real time motion tracking devices into musical instruments. One feature extraction module and two sound modules are included.


fFE.3D1 - fourMs Feature Extractor, 3D data, 1 rigid object

  • Output features with osc addresses:
    • /x 
    • /y 
    • /z 
    • /delta_x 
    • /delta_y 
    • /delta_z 
    • /horizontal_velocity 
    • /absolute_velocity 
    • /horizontal_distance   
    • /aed_azimuth/deg  
    • /aed_azimuth/rad 
    • /aed_elevation/deg 
    • /aed_elevation/rad 
    • /aed_distance  

fSM.soundsaber - fourMs Sound Module, soundsaber

  • The sound module used in the SoundSaber
  • Uses the output from fFE.3D1 as input
  • see the DSP settings inside the patch to get the best sounding result

fSM.loop - fourMs Sound Module, loop

  • A sound module that loops a sound file. Playback tempo is adjusted by the absolute velocity.

Tags: Motion Capture, Sound Synthesis, Feature Extraction, instruments, soundsaber By Kristian Nymoen
Published Aug. 31, 2012 3:02 PM - Last modified Oct. 22, 2020 1:41 PM