Instructions for handing in EXPHIL03E examination essay 

How to find the submission tool? 

The following must be completed for your paper to be delivered

  1. The essay must be stored in either .rtf or .doc format (other formats are not accepted)
  2. The essay must be delivered in the submission folder in Fronter within the deadline.
  3. The declaration concerning plagiarism must be checked before you hand in your essay. When you check this declaration in Fronter, it serves the same function as signing one on paper.

The following must be written in the essays header

In addition you need to paginate the essay. The document must be given your surname as document name (e.g.: johnsen.doc)

When you have uploaded your essay, please check that: 

Students are responsible for checking that their document is complete. The essays are graded by the version that is uploaded in Fronter. Unreadable or incomplete essays are graded as such.

PLEASE NOTE: Fronter closes at 14.00. After this it will neither be possible to upload documents nor make changes in documents.

It is the responsibility of each student to familiarize themselves with the regulations concerning cheating/plagiarism. Violations of these regulations will be treated as a case of plagiarism or attempted plagiarism. Both cases are viewed as examination offence and the consequences may be annulment of the exam and/or nationwide exclusion from universities and colleges.

Should there be any need for a deferred deadline; the department needs to be contacted as soon as possible - at the latest before the original deadline, so that a new deadline can be agreed. If your do not contact the department before the deadline expires, your exam will be regarded as not submitted. A deferral of the submission deadline is granted only on the basis of a valid, documented reason, (§ 7.6.5). 

Any questions about deferral of deadline must be directed to the general office, not to the teacher. The general office can be reached by telephone between 9 and 15: 2285 6911 Opening hours are 10-14.