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Kort om emnet

Through problem-based tasks the students learn how to use machine-readable corpora as a basis for linguistic description. The corpora used in the course are the Oslo Multilingual Corpus (especially the English-Norwegian Parallel Corpus) and the Longman Corpus (monolingual English). The teaching materials consist partly of books and articles and partly of material available from the Internet. Students are expected to work actively with the corpora and with various types of assignments in connection with the course.

Hva lærer du?

The students will become familiar with a method for doing linguistic research, learn how to use machine-readable corpora, and thereby increase their insight into the English language and how it is used.

Opptak og adgangsregulering

Studenter må hvert semester søke og få plass på undervisningen og melde seg til eksamen i Studentweb.

Dersom du ikke allerede har studieplass ved UiO, kan du søke opptak til våre studieprogrammer, eller søke om å bli enkeltemnestudent.


Obligatoriske forkunnskaper

The course requires ENG1100 – English Grammar or similar knowledge.

Anbefalte forkunnskaper

The course assumes a good proficiency in written and oral English

Overlappende emner

This course overlaps with ENG2153 – Analysing real English.


The course is taught throughout the semester with 2 hours per week, 28 hours in all. At the middle of the semester there is a two-week period with no teaching, which will be used for self-study and work with assignments. The students are supposed to attend the course regularly


Two short written assignments must be submitted (and found acceptable) as part of the coursework. The final mark for the course is set on the basis of a term paper (10 standard pages). Deadlines: a first draft of the term paper should be submitted by week 10 of the course. The final version should be submitted one week after the teaching ends. Both contents and language will be part of the assessment.

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Spring 2006, autumn 2007.


Spring 2006, autumn 2007.