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RUS2501S – Post-communist Russian politics and society

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This course is only for students who are registeret to study in St. Petersburg. It is not possible to take this course i Oslo.
The course provides a comprehensive understanding of political and societal changes in Russia since 1991.

Learning outcome

Through this course the students gain a good understanding of the structure and changes in the political system of Russia, federally and regionally, in addition to insights into the mechanisms and dynamics that characterize Russian societal development today.


You need visa to St. Peterburg and therefore you have to apply early i spring semester. Please contact your study advisor.


Formal prerequisite knowledge

RUS1503 – Russisk historie or RUS1501 – Russisk politikk, kultur og samfunn.


The course takes place at the St. Petersburg State University and cannot be taken in Oslo. Duration 3 months.


The examination takes place in St. Petersburg and it will be approved by the Faculty of Humanities in Oslo.

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Grades are awarded on a pass/fail scale. Read more about the grading system.


The course is optional within the 40 point course group and the 80 point course group at Russian Studies, Programme for European and American studies.

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Every autumn

Instruction takes place in St. Petersburg.


Every autumn

Examination takes place in St. Petersburg

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