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FYS4510 – Nuclear measurement techniques and instrumentation

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Course content

Passage of particles and gamma radiation through matter, detectors and characteristics, accelerators, nuclear reactions, gamma-, particle- and electron-spectroscopy, signal processing, coincidence measurement techniques, advanced methods in nuclear physics and instruments.

The course is a collaboration with nuclear chemistry and has 7 credits in common with the course KJM4920 in addition to 3 credits assigned nuclear physics.

Learning outcome

The course gives knowledgd about techniques and methods used in experimental nuclear physics. You will be able to decide what techniques should be adopted in specific studies and be able to set up simple coincidence experiments.


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Formal prerequisite knowledge

No prerequisites

Recommended previous knowledge

FYS3510 – Subatomic physics with applications in astrophysics (discontinued)

Overlapping courses

10 credits overlap against FYS373.


The course extends over one full semester and includes 2-3 hours of lectures and colloquium per week. In addition, 6 laboratory exercises (6 hours each) will be arranged during the semester.


Five compulsory lab reports will be evaluated as passed/not passed. All of them have to be passed in order to take the final exam. This exam includes 45 minutes of oral examination in theoretical curriculum as well as laboratory work. Letter grade.

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The course will no longer be offered. Together with KJM5920 it is now offered as the new course KJM-FYS5920 .

Teaching language

Norwegian (English on request)