FYS4520 – Subatomic many-body theory I

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Course content

Subatomic many-body theory is covered by two courses: FYS4520 gives an introduction to quantum mechanical many-body formalism and applies this theory on the structure of the nucleus, while FYS4530 – Subatomic Many-Body Theory II emphasises high-energy collisions between nuclei and phase transitions in nuclear matter. The courses consist of units of approx. 2 credits each. Each of the courses contains 3 basic units, and the rest of the units can be chosen among 11 other units, depending on the students' requirements. In FYS4520 the basic units are:

  • Formalism in non-relativistic quantum mechanical many-body problems
  • Microscopic mean field theory (Hartree-Fock approximation etc.)
  • Shell model of nucleus

The other two units are chosen among:

  • Time independent perturbation theory
  • Time dependent perturbation theory
  • Nucleon-nucleon interaction
  • Effective interactions
  • Pair correlations
  • Nuclear rotation-vibration model
  • Deformed shell model
  • Infinite nuclear matter
  • Neutron stars
  • Nuclear rotation-vibration model
  • Deformed shell model

Learning outcome

FYS4520 and FYS4530 – Subatomic Many-Body Theory II provides the student with knowledge about a modern quantum mechanical many-body description of nuclear systems.


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Written exam after each completed unit. Final oral exam. Letter grade.

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Facts about this course

Every autumn

The course is not offered anymore. It is replaced by the new course FYS-KJM4480

Every autumn
Teaching language
Norwegian (English on request)