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Einstein-Hilbert action and quantum fields in curved spacetimes. Inflation and reheating. Quantum fields at finite temperature. Standard model in the early universe. The Boltzmann equation. Cosmological phase transitions. Baryogenesis. Nucleosynthesis and recombination. Microwave background radiation. Quantum fluctuations and the primordial spectrum. Cosmological pertubation theory.

Learning outcome

The course is aimed at master and PhD students working in cosmology and elementary particle physics. It gives a survey of current approaches to and understanding of the physics of the early universe based on the standard model of particle physics and extension thereof. The level of the lectures will be the same as in the modern research literature.


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Overlapping courses

3 credits overlap against FYS8110


There will be four lectures a week and problems assigned for homework. At the end of the course, one larger written project will be assigned to each student planning to take the final exam.


There will be a oral final exam in the course material plus the project work.

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Spring 2009

The course is offered if at least four students are registered.


Spring 2009

Teaching language

Norwegian (English on request)

The course will not be given in the spring semester of 2007.