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This subject is no longer available
See BIO3081 – Animal Behaviour 1 (continued).

The first half of the course will give an introduction to ethological terminology and proximate mechanisms that are essential to understand the behaviour of animals (from protozoans to vertebrates). Genetical and physiological mechanisms and development of behaviour in the individual, the nuture-nature controversy, learning, motivation and communication will be treated. The second half of the course will concentrate on behaviour from an ecological and evolutionary perspective and cover reproduction, sexual selection, foraging and territoriality. Central to these subjects are terms like fitness, altruism, optimality, game theory and evolutionary stable strategies.

Learning outcome

Knowledge about animal behaviour that is a requisite for doing a master on the subject. It wiill also give important insights for students in physiology, ecology and evolutionary biology. It is not meant as a course only for biology students, but also for students in medicine, psychology and philosophy.


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Recommended previous knowledge

It is an advantage with some biological background.

Overlapping courses

5 credits against BIO4080. Also some overlap against BIO4090.


Lectures and colloquia.


Two written exams. (Each on 2 hours).

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The course is subject to continuous evaluation. At regular intervals we also ask students to participate in a more comprehensive evaluation.


It is an advantage with some biological background. The course is offered if the number of students registered are more than 3.

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This subject is no longer available. See BIO3081 – Animal Behaviour 1 (continued).


Every autumn

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