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BIO9910 – Adaptive Dynamics

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This course is not available.
BIO9910 was only given in Spring 2008.

Provides an in-depth introduction to adaptive dynamics, a theoretical framework for studying frequency- and density-dependent evolution with a high degree of ecological realism. This framework integrates and extends concepts and techniques from evolutionary game theory, with special emphasis on dynamical phenomena such as the origin and divergence of new lineages by evolutionary branching.

Learning outcome

The lectures will focus on the fundamental theory of adaptive dynamics, but also look more briefly at the links between adaptive dynamics and other modeling frameworks, and at the current research challenges within the field. The course will provide a general understanding of the principles and underlying assumptions of adaptive dynamics, and provide training in the analysis of simple models, to the extent that you are able to critically read and understand original research articles.


PhD candidates from the University of Oslo should apply for classes and register for examinations through Studentweb.

If a course has limited intake capacity, priority will be given to PhD candidates who follow an individual education plan where this particular course is included. Some national researchers’ schools may have specific rules for ranking applicants for courses with limited intake capacity.

PhD candidates who have been admitted to another higher education institution must apply for a position as a visiting student within a given deadline.


Formal prerequisite knowledge

There are no formal requirements.

Recommended previous knowledge

The course is aimed towards PhD students that use mathematical models or simulation models in their work, and thus have some familiarity with dynamical systems and ecological modeling. There are no formal requirements, but we recommend that the participants have taken the following courses:

and one of the following courses:


The course will be running in January and February 2008.

Dr. Eva Kisdi, researcher at the University of Helsinki, will give the course and evaluate the student projects.

The first lecture as well as the last three days of the course are all mandatory.

A timeline is available at the spring semester page


Each student will write a report of the analysis of the adaptive dynamics model they have been assigned, and the report will be marked as passed/not passed.

Grading scale

Grades are awarded on a pass/fail scale. Read more about the grading system.

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This course is not available.
BIO9910 was only given in Spring 2008.

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