Semesterside for IN2020 - Høst 2022

Hei! Oblig 2 er nå publisert og ligger i mappen "Obligatoriske oppgaver". Lykke til! Ta kontakt med gruppelærer, meg eller Jasmin hvis det er noen spørsmål! :) 


- Vetle 

21. sep. 2022 11:59

Unfortunately, I’ll have to cancel our lecture tomorrow. I had travel problems, and I’ll not make it to Oslo in time to give the lecture in person.

As an alternative, I’ll upload a recording tomorrow (Tuesday 20.09.) evening.

In other news, assignment 2 will be uploaded tomorrow, and you can, of course, send me your questions either via email ( or Teams.

I’m really sorry for this situation, and I’m looking forward to seeing you in person again next week.

19. sep. 2022 23:47

Hello everyone,

Announcement regarding the first assignment:

I originally meant to have no specified word limit, but since some of you asked for it, we decided to add one to support you in your writing process. 

Our recommendation is 300-500 words for the complete assignment. You can use this number of words as a point of orientation. If you write significantly more or less, it doesn't mean you will fail. 
However, we will check if everything is explained clearly and correctly.

Best, Jasmin

13. sep. 2022 10:02