Hi all,

We have finished grading all submissions. Here is the grading guideline we used when grading the final exam. Generally, your final grade is based on the final scores that you received.

The maximum number of marks for the whole exam was 100. The minimum number of marks required for each grade was as follows: For A, min. 85. For B, min. 70. For C, min. 55. For D, min. 43. For E, min. 30. These boundaries are based on an alignment of the delivered work with the grade definitions given here: https://www.uio.no/studier/eksamen/karakterer/.

You should be able to calculate your own scores based on this guideline. For those whose scores were a little below the boundary, both sensor had a closer look at all answers of your submissions and then decide whether we could upgrade it to a higher grade.

Thank you for your company this semester. Have a nice summer :)

June 28, 2022 11:05 AM

Hi all. Below is the information about the front page tomorrow. Nothing special. Please remember to get yourself familiar with latex mode in Inspera and how to type DL symbols in latex before the exam tomorrow. It will save you some time in the final exam. Good luck!

"Written exam IN3060/IN4060


Duration: June 9, 9 am to 1 pm

It is important that you read this cover page carefully before you start.

General information:

All written (paper) materials are allowed, including your written notes. No electronic materials are allowed.
The exam consists of 6 sections.
In the multiple-choice question. There is at least one correct answer. You should find all the correct answers. You will get a negative score for each wrong answer, but never less than 0 for the whole question.

Good luck!"

June 8, 2022 11:33 AM

All written (paper) materials are allowed in the final exam including your written note, but no electric materials are allowed!

All students either in IN3060 or in IN4060 will have the same questions in the final exam.

We will not provide the option to upload digital handwriting this year. Therefore, everyone needs to model statements in OWL axioms via either DL syntax or Manchester syntax. You will find a video and two materials on the schedule page, where you can find slides from the last lecture. The video is about how to type latex on the Inspera system. The same video is also available during the exam. But it is recommended to try the latex model on the Inspera demo test before the final exam. Additionally, you can find a link where you can find latex commands for DL symbols, such as ⊓ (\sqcap). The last link is about the Manchester syntax. You don't need to use the latex model to type Manchester syntax. However, from our previous experience, stud...

May 30, 2022 9:53 AM