Hello IN3060/4060,

The coming group session on Friday the 20th will be the last one this semester.
In the session we will go through last year's exam.
To prepare I suggest you go on to the Github (https://github.uio.no/mtlam/IN3060) where I have compiled all previous exams from 2021 to 2010.

Remember that the syllabus/pensum of this course is what has been taught in the lectures. 
Of course, if you have any questions after the group session you can always send an email or a message on the mattermost to either Jieying or me. 
Though until time runs out I would add to the google doc (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FEe4P4P95lj45IKC9bvD9cLBw6d4buKc9-eEGyBQ85c/edit?usp=sharing) of questions.

Until then enjoy 17. Mai and I hope to see you on Friday. :)

- Martin L.

May 16, 2022 10:21 AM

If you have any questions, or you found some slides or exercises on oblig that are difficult to understand and would like me to further explain during the course and the last lecture "repetition". Please write it on the google document before the end of 17th of May. If you found that other students have put the questions that you are also not sure about. You can "vote" for that question by typing "+1" at the end of the same line. It might be a good idea to start reviewing the slides of the lectures we have taught in our course for the final exam. If there are no questions, the lecture will be finished after a short introduction to the final exam and a Kahoot quiz.

May 16, 2022 9:49 AM

Since we have more than 55 submissions to correct and only one group teacher officially, some students might not get feedback from Martin by today. Please do not worry. You will get feedback by next Friday. If you have not received feedback but would like to get it earlier for some reason, please write an email to Martin. Sorry for the inconvenience.

May 6, 2022 2:02 PM