Semesterside for IN3070 - Høst 2020

We are still waiting to get access to your exam papers.

In the meanwhile, the exam questions are here, and model answers with grading guidelines are here.

We have not set the thresholds for grades yet, those will be updated later.


8. des. 2020 09:20

Last year’s exam questions are here.  And the solutions and grading guidelines are here.

Note that some questions refer to the «free variable sequent calculus» that we didn’t cover this year.

Exams were oral in many of the previous years, and the content of the lecture was quite different, so it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to practice using those exams.

24. nov. 2020 08:19

will be digital. We will be going through last year's exam, and I'll do my best to answer any last-minute questions you have. 


Join the meeting at

23. nov. 2020 17:31