Semester page for IN3130 - Autumn 2022

If any of you for unexpected reasons need a short (up to 3-day) extension to the deadline for the assignment, then use the following Nettskjema:

For longer extension contact the administration.

27. sep. 2022 10:08

In contrast to the original plan, Petter it not available to teach on Wednesday. Instead, I will tell you about undecidability. That will be fun :)


19. sep. 2022 15:36

The frist assignment is ready for you at /studier/emner/matnat/ifi/IN3130/h22/assignments/

Mathias will be happy to answer questions about it today, after you have made your exercises :)

You can start the first couple of tasks, but the final one, I will cover material on the following week.

15. sep. 2022 11:07