Presentasjon av artikler som obligatoriske oppgaver:

Obligartoriske oppgaver i kurset vil være at studentene selv skal presentere artikler de to første timene hver forelesning. Temaene i artiklene vil være knyttet til forrige ukes nye stoff. Det vil bii omlag 15 artikler hver på 10-20 sider, hvor disse vil bli delt ut på forelesningene - eventuelt være tilgjengelige on-line.




Artikkel (tema)




Petter Barhaugen


For the topic "Fiber-optical communication":

Xiang Liu and Frank Effenberger, "Emerging Optical Access Network Technologies for 5G Wireless", J. OPT. COMMUN. NETW./VOL. 8, NO. 12/DECEMBER 2016

Anna Pizzinat, Philippe Chanclou, Fabienne Saliou, and Thierno Diallo, "Things You Should Know About Fronthaul", JOURNAL OF LIGHTWAVE TECHNOLOGY, VOL. 33, NO. 5, MARCH 1, 2015 1077





Janne Trollebø

For the topic "Software Defined Networking to Network Automation":

W. Xia, Y. Wen, C. Foh, D. Niyato, and H. Xie, "A Survey on Software-Defined Networking", IEEE COMMUNICATION SURVEYS & TUTORIALS, VOL. 17, NO. 1, 2015




Elmir Zeynalov

For the topic "IP-router architecture":

H. Jonathan Chao, "Next Generation Routers,"
Proceedings of the IEEE, Vol. 90, No. 9, September 2002.
Følgende sider er pensum: 1518-1528 (fram til Lulea(å) algorithm) 1532 (fra Hardware-Based Schemes ) - 1536 (fram til Survey of Packet Classification Schemes), 1544 (fra VI. Switch Fabrics) - 1556 (resten av artikkel)

Alle artiklene over kan finnes direkte via IEEE Explore (merk at maskinen du sitter på må ha en 'UiO IP adresse')




Rahel Jamal Gaeb; Øyvind Magnus Gaupe Lunde


For the topic "IPv6":

Xianhui Che, Lewis Dylan, "IPv6: Current Deployment and Migration Status", International Journal of Research and Reviews in Computer Science (IJRRCS) Vol. 1, No. 2, June 2010.

IPv6 Security Challenges Carlos E. Caicedo and James B.D. Joshi, University of Pittsburgh, Summit R. Tuladhar, Ericsson IEEE Computer, February 2009



Yelyzaveta Dovhinka; Torstein Thomassen

For the topic "Big Data":

Jeffrey Dean, Sanjay Ghemawat. MapReduce: Simplified Data Processing on Large Clusters. In: 6th Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation, USENIX Association., 2004.

Abadi D, Franklin MJ, Gehrke J, et al. The beckman report on database research. Commun ACM. 2016;59(2):92-99. doi:10.1145/2845915.





Tollef Christiansen; Abhishek Kumar



For the topic "Multicast i Internet":

"The Evolution of Multicast: From the MBone to Interdomain Multicast to Internet2 Deployment", K.C. Almeroth, IEEE Network, January/February 2000. Sidene 10-17 er pensum.

"A comparative study of multicast protocols: top, bottom, or in the middle?" L. Lao, J.H. Cui, M. Gerla, and D. Maggiorini. UCLA Teknisk Rapport 2005, også INFOCOM 2005 proceedings (forkortet).


Presentation 1


Presentation 2


Viljar Bråthen; Maximilian Seiderer


For the topic "WLAN Communications":

J. Zyren and A. Petrick, IEEE 802.11 Tutorial

Crow, B.P.; Widjaja, I.; Kim, L.G.; Sakai, P.T.; "IEEE 802.11 Wireless Local Area Networks, "Communications Magazine, IEEE , Volume: 35 , Issue: 9 , Sept. 1997.
Spesielt skal det legges vekt på MAC-lagets funksjonalitet, sidene 118-121.

Francesc Wilhelmi; Sergio Barrachina-Munoz; Boris Bellalta, "On the
Performance of the Spatial Reuse Operation in IEEE 802.11ax WLANs",
2019 IEEE Conference on Standards for Communications and Networking


Presentation 1

Presentation 2


Muhammad Mugheera Basharat; Mohammad Emad Mohammad Hammami

For the topic "Internet of Things":

"The Internet of Things: a survey", L. Atzori, A. Iera, G. Morabito,
Elsevier Computer Networks, 54 (2010) 2787–2805


N. Abbas, Y. Zhang, A. Taherkordi, and T. Skeie, "Mobile Edge Computing: A Survey", IEEE Internet of Things Journal, vol.5, no.1, pp.450-465, Feb. 2018



Maiken Meland; Thoai Van Do


For the topic "Cyber security and malware analysis":

A Taxonomy of Botnet Structures"  -

(this article is not included in oral exam)




Hjalmar Andersen

For the topic "IP QoS":

X. Xiao and L.M. Ni, "Internet QoS: A Big Picture", IEEE Network, March/April 1999

Begge artiklene er tilgjengelig gjennom IEEE Explore.

15.04 No lecture



No lecture



Nasir Awed; Vegard O. Årnes









For the topic "AI for network traffic control"

Diego José Luis Botia Valderrama and Natalia Gaviria Gómez, "Nonintrusive Method Based on Neural Networks for Video Quality of Experience Assessment", Advances in Multimedia, 2016 (this article is not included in oral exam)


 Thuy T.T. Nguyen ; Grenville Armitage, "A survey of techniques for internet traffic classification using machine
 learning", IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials, vol.10, no.4, 2008

Presentation 1
29.04 S M Shahed Al Mamun "An Architectural Comparison of ST-II and RSVP", D.J. Mitzel, D. Estrin, S. Shenker, and L. Zhang, Proceedings INFOCOM 1994.  
29.04 Zyyad Ali Shah Syed IPv6 Security Challenges Carlos E. Caicedo and James B.D. Joshi, University of Pittsburgh, Summit R. Tuladhar, Ericsson IEEE Computer, February 2009  


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