Semesterside for INF5110 - Vår 2018

Hi, the correction is done, the grades should be available at some point.


A version of the exam with hints for solutiions + comments of how it was graded is available as well.





29. juni 2018 15:41

Good luck and success for the exam today.



12. juni 2018 08:33

Last informations (since I got now similar questions 3 times already):


      - the exam is written, not oral (and previous version of analogous
            exams are available (at the courses web-page....)

      - the exam is ``open book'', you can bring ``printed material'' if
           you want  (``tilltate hjelpemidler: Alle trykte og
      - it's not an electronic exam.

      - official information can be found (as usual) under



7. juni 2018 07:15