Semesterside for INF5860 - Vår 2018


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28. aug. 2018 10:54

The repetition lecture will be Tuesday June 5  10.15-12 in Store Aud. This time has the least number of collisions for you and us. Please check "Timeplan" for the room.

And  requests for topics to cover are still welcome.


1. juni 2018 16:18

June 6 we will have a repetition lecture. As we cannot cover all topics, we need your help: which topics do you want us to explain again? Please ask by email to us.

Qualified for the final exam will be all students that have passed mandatory 1 and 2. Please check in Devilry that you have passed these now!

Please give us feedback on the course evaluation form provided by FUI!

There will be no more regular group sessions. If you have questions, send us an email or use canvas. Solutions to the exam from 2017 will be available early June.

Please consider applying to  be group teacher for this course in 2019!

25. mai 2018 13:22