Semesterside for INF9119 - Vår 2014

Since Sam Hahn will be delivering his guest lecture from California, our regular 10:15-12:00 class meeting Thursday April 10th will be moved to begin at 4pm. Sam's lecture will be delivered via Skype. Please email me your Skype ID if you want to take part, if you have not done so already.

9. apr. 2014 09:46

The lecture slides are now available in PDF—in Beskjed 1 for the introductory lecture, and in Timeplanen for the subsequent lectures. I have struggled to make the videos available too, which are an essential part of the presentations, but without success. (I am using Keynote to produce the lectures; translations into Powerpoint and video did not give good results.)

5. feb. 2014 14:54

"The goals of this seminar are to (1) 'transplant' to Ifi a strategic research direction and (2) connect Ifi graduate students with the corresponding R&D community" I said in the introductory talk last Thursday. Frode Hegland and David Price appeared in the second hour to initiate our 'window into the world'. 

See the lecture slides.

Next Thursday the seminar properly begins.

17. jan. 2014 17:41