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The course gives basic signal processing knowledge, which among other things is the basis for multimedia applications. The following topics are covered: Analog and digital signals with mathematical descriptions in time, space and frequency. Filtering, sampling, Fourier transforms and convolution. Examples from speech, music and ultrasound are used. The course also has two hours a week where students make their own Java-based signal processing applications for real-time sound analysis usign the soundcard of the PC.

Learning outcome

The course gives an introduction to basic signal processing terminology and methods. Students are trained in the use of program packages and equipment through practical classes.


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Formal prerequisite knowledge

INF1000 – Introduction to object-oriented programming (continued) and MAT1100 – Calculus/MAT100A/MAT100B/MAT100C.

Recommended previous knowledge

INF1010 – Object oriented programming (continued) should be taken before or in parallel with INF2400 – Digital signal processing (discontinued). This also applies to MAT1110 – Calculus and Linear Algebra which is compulsory for further signal processing study (INF3440 – Signal processing (continued)).

Overlapping courses

10 credits INF 155.


2 hours of lectures and 4 hours tuition each week. Several mandatory problems must be completed during the course; if these are not accepted, the student may not take the final exam.


A 3 hour written midterm exam counting app. 30% of the final grade, and a final 3 hour written exam counting app. 70% of the final grade. Graded marks (A-F).


The course is subject to continuous evaluation. At regular intervals we also ask students to participate in a more comprehensive evaluation.


Note that the first lecture is compulsory.

The subject is regarded equal to INF155 when practicing exam regulations.

Course Auditor: Luren Yang

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