INF5450 – Evolutionary Computing and Evolvable Hardware

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Evolutionary computation harnesses the power of natural evolution to turn computers into automatic optimisation and design tools. The three mechanisms that drive evolution forward are reproduction, mutation and the principle of survival of the fittest.

The course introduces the most commonly used algorithms. This is followed up by applying them to hardware design. This allows electronic circuits (analog or digital) to be designed with only specifying the wanted behavior rather than their exact architecture. The motivation for this method is that it could provide better design of systems for real-world applications, which traditional design methods cannot achieve.

Learning outcome

To give an introduction to artificial evolution and how it can be applied to hardware design.


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Recommended previous knowledge

INF1400 – Digital technology (discontinued) or equivalent knowledge in digital design

Overlapping courses

5 credits overlap with INF-EHW


2 hours of lectures per week. There may be obligatory task(s) to be handed in and passed to be admitted to take the exam.


Oral or 3 hour written examination at the end of the semester. Graded marks.

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Note that the first lecture is compulsory. The subject is regarded equal to INF-EHW when practicing exam regulations.

Course Auditor: Morten Hartmann

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Every autumn

A certain number of students is required for the course to be taught ordinarily. Otherwise the course can be taken as selfstudy.


Every autumn

Teaching language

Norwegian (English on request)