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UNIK4550 – Human-machine systems engineering

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The course presents models, methods and principles applicable to the design of human-machine systems (HMS) (e.g. supervisory control systems, command and control systems, and vehicle control systems). Performance models of human skill-, rule- and knowledge-based information processing are discussed. The different phases and steps in the design of HMS are outlined with emphasis on the analysis of automation philosophy, decision support functions and task analysis. Specification methods and tools for implementation of human-computer interfaces are presented.

Learning outcome

The aim of the course is to give the student an introduction to the design of complex control systems, where the operators represent the outermost loop of control. By taking the course, the student will recognise the importance of the interface between human and machine for the success and performance of the total system. The course outlines methods, models and tools available to design good human-machine systems. It is an introductory course and gives a broad coverage of the field of human-machine systems engineering.


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IN 151.


30 hours course. Term project.


Oral. Grades scale A-F.

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Every autumn

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