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Amphiphilic polymers are heterogeneous with both hydrophilic and hydrophobic parts. This type of polymer, associates in aqueous solution and exhibits several interesting features and can be used in connection with many industrial and pharmaceutical applications. This course gives a survey of synthetic methods, characterization, and physical methods that can be utilized to characterize polymers structural, dynamical, and rheological properties in aqueous solutions and gels. Elements in the course are: different synthetic methods, thermodynamics, scattering methods, and rheology.

Learning outcome

On successful completion of this course:

  • you will acquire a basic knowledge of amphiphilic polymers.
  • you will obtain knowledge about different experimental methods to characterize amphiphilic polymers in solution.
  • you will learn new theoretical concepts in polymer science.
  • you will acquire understanding of association processes.


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Recommended previous knowledge

KJM5500. It is advantageous to have taken part in the courses: KJM3200 – Organic Chemistry II, KJM3300 – Physical Chemistry II (discontinued).

Overlapping courses

The course overlaps 9 credits against KJ 433.


The course comprises 40 hours of lectures and 10 hours of seminars.

The first lecture is mandatory. If you are unable to join, the Expedition Office has to be informed in advance (phone 22 85 54 46, or e-mail If you fail to register as an active student for the course in either of these ways, you will loose the access to the course for the given semester.


Oral examination. Letter grades (A-F).

This course offers new examination in the beginning of the subsequent semester for candidates who fail or withdraw during an ordinary examination.

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No examination support material is allowed.


The teaching will be cancelled if less than 3 students have registered for the course by the closing date for course registration in January.

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Every spring

Teaching language

Norwegian (English on request)